Monday, 12 August 2019

Communion Conversation

A sketch written for young people

It's after Pentecost.
Peter, James and John are trying to work out what it means to be followers of Jesus, now that he's gone. They have a meeting to discuss what he might have meant by sharing bread and wine, in what we call ‘Communion’...

Peter: So then, James, John, my mates - our team-task number one: ‘Have this bread and wine to remember me’, Jesus said. Simple - here we are: you two have the bread, I'll take the wine. Deal?

John [sadly]: Oh, that last supper with him - my eyes are welling up just remembering it. There he was about to die, and he knew it.

James [scornfully]: It’s all got to be touchy-feely for you, John, hasn't it? How many times have I got to tell you? you've gotta toughen up, mate!

Peter: Brothers! Stop arguing for just for one moment. Please!

John: Sorry, Peter. But it was tragic, wasn’t it? Yet Jesus seemed somehow… well, joyful too.

James: Yeah, I never did get him. He’s dancing towards death, yet loving and kind. Showed us all up - well, you especially, Peter!

Peter: You come outside and say that.

John: Just ignore him, Peter, I do... Anyway, now we know why he could stare death in the face: he was going to come back from the dead!

Peter: Ah, good, we’re making progress. Two points we've got so far, I reckon, about this bread-and-wine thing - I’ll scribble them down… 1: we’re remembering his death… 2: we’re remembering his resurrection…

James: Hey, we’re on a roll here. Not bad for guys without a single GCSE to scrape together between them.

John: And point 3?
The bread and wine's a taste of a glorious future.

James: Wine maybe, not this stinking stale bread we've got! Where did you pick this up, Peter - the leftovers from
last year's feeding of the 5,000?

Peter: As if I'm going to waste good food!
Anyway, gotta keep up my calorie intake to prepare for that banquet Jesus promised - mountains of food, oceans of wine! I'll be first in the queue.

John: You’ve got it - the bread-and-wine's a taster of heaven. A bit of heaven on earth. Isn’t that what we pray in Jesus's Prayer - ‘on earth as it is in heaven’?

James [to Peter]: Come on, Peter, keep up! Get let John's genius go to waste - get it down on paper.

Peter: OK, OK... 'looking.. to.. the.. future'… But all this past and future stuff: I’m for the moment. So what about now?

James [to John]: OK, bro’, you’re the clever one, what do you think?

John: ‘This is my body and my blood,' he said. But he isn't with us any more…

Peter [cutting in]: His Spirit's come off the subs' bench, though…

John: Not quite my theological way of putting it, Peter. But yes, our new friend the Holy Spirit - who goes wherever he wishes, remember - makes the bread and wine special, so it's like we’re eating Jesus. “You are what you eat,” as they say.

James: No! - eating a person?! Like cannibals?! Crunching into bone, knocking back the blood?

John: Mmm, I can see this may give us some bad press. But no, we're talking spiritual, not literal.

Peter: Hang on,
I don’t get this part at all. Just tell me what I'm meant to write down.

John: Ah, but that’s it, Peter. We don’t have to get it - we just have to do it.

James: And discover for ourselves that Jesus lives in us?

Peter: So let’s find the others and get started with this Communion-thing. As I said, bags I have the wine.


Alphaeus adds:
Sketch written for a primary school time of collective worship themed on Communion, Mar 2019.

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